January course:  Level 1, 8 week Yi Ren Qigong Class, with Joyce Greenberg, L.Ac.

“Our personal practice will help us experience and maintain a more integrated body, mind and energy system so we can better understand our life journey and enjoy great health and vitality in this lifetime.” Mary O’Malley, MD PhD
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2 sections:
Evening class: January 22 – March 12, 7PM – 8:30PM
Morning class: January 23 – March 13, 10AM – 11:30AM
$120 per person for 8 weeks
$110 per person if you sign up with a buddy
$100 per senior (65 and older)
$ 90 per person If you sign up with a buddy
Rainier Beach Presbyterian Church, 9656 Waters Ave S. Seattle 98118
 Course Description: Through gentle movements and meditations, this skill building course is designed to to activate and stabilize the energy field, increase internal energy levels and develop the body’s internal energetic communication system. If you are sensitive to other’s energy, want a practice to stop your habitual mind, strengthen, cleanse and clarify your own energy system, and learn a self-healing skill, this course is for you. The foundational exercises in Level 1 teaches internal Qi-energy activation, cultivation, grounding and circulation and may be performed sitting or standing, making it accessible to all age and ability levels.
More detailed info on Yi Ren Qigong: http://www.iqim.org/about/about-yi-ren-qigong/
 Instructor: Joyce Greenberg is a certified Yi Ren Qigong instructor and holds a Masters of Acupuncture from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Through the practice of Yi Ren Qigong, Joyce successfully went into remission from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She applies her own self-healing experience as a foundation for supporting her clients and students in developing their personal self-care practices.
For more insight into Joyce’s experience with Yi Ren Qigong, listen to this recent interview with Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, founder of Yi Ren Qigong: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/99998/healing-potential-and-life-force
Here are inspiring stories (including Joyce’s story) about Yi Ren Qigong practice and a tribute to Dr. Sun:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXsVMPCLEYI&feature=youtu.be

Reviews and experiences from participants

“I am still not sure whether I found Qigong or Qigong found me, what I do know is that it has been an awakening at the deepest level. At a time when I was in desperate need of this type of energy exploration practice, I was introduced to it by Joyce. Qigong is not exclusive, it is inclusive of everyone and all beings. All of us have energy fields that need to be developed and cared for. This practice is intuitive and holistic and allows immediate access for everyone to transformational change. I highly recommend Joyce’s wisdom and guidance in exploring this ancient healing tradition.” Chris Lowe

“I can’t say enough positive things about Joyce’s wonderful Qigong class. I feel like I’ve found the missing link to taking my health and energy back under my control. Professionally, the craniosacral work I do has deepened and has given me a renewed excitement for my work. I’m excited to continue learning and exploring Qigong under Joyce’s expert tutelage.”  Nancy C.

“I recommend highly Joyce’s Yi Ren Qigong class. I am an energetically sensitive person, and my energy can be depleted easily as I engage with the busyness and intensity of life. Joyce’s class has given me the tools to practice and maintain an energy balance that has had a profound impact on my energy level and overall feeling of well-being. I have learned how to create an energy field where I feel insulated and protected from daily tension, at the same time that I feel calm, refreshed and grounded in the present.”
“I’m so happy to be actively practicing both qigong and yoga again. In my yoga practice I enjoy a flowing quality and it has deepened lately, coinciding with Qigong coming back into my life. Like a ripple, it feels continuous and ever softening. There is a spacious quality and a slowing of time. Yoga and Qigong are very synergistic!” Shannon Angstead, yoga instructor & acupuncturist

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