Egg On My Face

By Joyce

Although my client, Rhama, and I both agree that the secret to clear skin is good nutrition, especially raw fruits and vegetables, we, like women of all ages, are always on the hunt for an anti-aging facial treatment.

Here is a recording of Rhama, who at 94 years old still has lovely, smooth skin. She dishes on how to keep surfaces, her skin and cooper pots, shiny using common household items.

Rhama’s Home Remedy Secrets

As a proponent of waste not, want not, I have been saving my eggshells (drying in oven and then powdering in blender) for a calcium garden amendment, but it never occurred to me that I could take it a step further, and save a little albumin on the inside of the shell for my face.

This week, I tried Rhama’s beauty secret and can report that while the albumin (egg white) was drying on my face, I felt a tightening, as in toning, sensation.  After I washed it off, my skin felt satiny and was left with a soft sheen.  Is it actually tightening my pores or ridding me of wrinkles? I’m not sure, but I can tell you I like how it feels so I’ll keep doing it.

The best part about putting egg on my face is nobody has to know. In the past when I walked around the house with other facial masks like clay, blended cucumber or sake lees, little dried flakes or wet chunks would plop onto my breakfast plate or onto the floor, triggering my husband to want to know, “What is that crap on your face?”  Now with a clear transparent glaze of egg whites on my face, my secret vanity will not be betrayed by its subtle sheen.

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