Birthday Buddies

Machelle and Ganga

I don’t understand the grand cycles, but I had an inkling that the combo effect of the end of the Mayan calendar and the winter solstice landing on the same date (December 21st) was significant.  However, on that day, I felt no great shift except that something extraordinary did in fact happen: a shopping outing with Claudia to Costco where I bought five new toothbrush heads for my Sonicare diamond clean toothbrush.  If that isn’t a defiant act of optimism on the day the world might end, I don’t know what is.  But I didn’t witness any collective transformation in consciousness as we waited in long lines to check out at Costco.

It wasn’t until the next day, December 22nd, which is the shared birthday of Machelle and Ganga that I noticed there might indeed have been some galactic gearshift going on.  The day started with twelve friends gathering at Margaret and Machelle’s for delicious homemade soups (dal and chicken noodle) and croissant sandwiches before we headed out to Cougar Mountain for a hike.  The early morning rainy skies cleared for the few hours we buoyantly bobbed along in small groupings on well-marked trails through a moist and gorgeous Northwest forest.

Later that evening that same crowd and more friends gathered at Ganga’s house for festivities: dancing, live music and non-stop laughing.    Even though December 22nd marked Machelle’s and Ganga’s birthdays, an official new year for them; it also felt like their joint celebration was somehow driving larger cogs towards a more joyful transmission as our collective New Year approaches.