Relax, Review, Renew

Joyce uses her expertise as a Chinese medicine practitioner, spiritual care advisor and wellness consultant to bring healing and insight to her clients.  Whether she’s in a treatment session or on a phone consultation, she offers recommendations on self-care strategies and mind/body awareness skills to assist each client in making positive changes.


Acupuncture Services:


Wellness Acupuncture

Feeling pain, sick, tired, blocked or stressed? Joyce offers complementary medical care and support. Learn more

Palliative AcupunctureTV

Wish you had holistic comfort care for an aging or ill family member? Joyce offers palliative acupuncture in your home or care facility.  Learn more

“Every time I think of my mother and mother-in-law, I always remember how much you helped them to live (and die!) better. I think it was a real blessing that they had you in their lives.”


 Care Management Consultations:

Taking care of a parent can be overwhelming. As a certified care manager, Joyce assists caregivers and families by assessing, monitering, organizing and planning. She also facilitates family meetings, helping families communicate with each other and understand each other’s needs and roles. Call for a consultation.