Relax, Review, Renew

Joyce uses her expertise as a Chinese medicine practitioner, spiritual care advisor and complementary health consultant to bring healing and insight to her clients.  Joyce offers recommendations on self-care strategies and mind/body awareness skills to assist each client in making positive changes.


Acupuncture Services:


Wellness Acupuncture

Feeling pain, sick, tired, blocked or stressed? Joyce offers complementary medical care and support. Learn more

Palliative AcupunctureTV

Wish you had holistic comfort care for an aging or ill family member? Joyce offers palliative acupuncture in your home or care facility.  Learn more

“Every time I think of my mother and mother-in-law, I always remember how much you helped them to live (and die!) better. I think it was a real blessing that they had you in their lives.”


“In the swirl of ever-expanding health care advice and choices for care, the services of Joyce Greenberg, L.Ac. truly stand out. Joyce integrates a remarkable breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in her treatment approach. That she is a trained chaplain and Hospice care partner only enhances her capacity to attend to a client’s physical and spiritual treatment needs. The benefit of sessions with her are long-lasting because of Joyce’s manner, multi-model approach and most unique treatment environment- a serene cottage set in the midst of a verdant garden. As clients long involved in delivering health care and social services professionally, our standards and expectations for outcomes are naturally discreet and high. We are beyond satisfied with Joyce’s services and consider her a necessary component of our continued health and well-being.”

“I consider Joyce more than an acupuncturist in fact I consistently refer to Joyce as my acutherapist. She has been a major factor in my physical healing but also my mental and emotional healing. I always leave my sessions with a better understanding of me. My body feels better, my emotions are quieter, physically I can feel the difference immediately. I have been to many acupuncturists, she is amazing and by far the best there is. You deserve this.” T. T.